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许多流程工业中使用,MIVI传感器相结合的技术专长与提升的性能特点。 经常使用标准的MIVI传感器是测量持续的产品从不到2 mPa.s,高达1 000 000 mPa.s. 在工艺条件下可达300 ° C和150巴。 

为了应对日益激烈的要求在所有应用领域,Sofraser提出的作品高达500巴的高压MIVI传感器。 极高的压力甚至更多的利益Sofraser,因为他们正在开发一种技术的功能将得到可靠的粘度测量,压力可达 1500 bar。 像这样的性能是有用的,尤其是在钻孔应用 。 

由于其轻薄的振动棒沉浸在一个小体积的测量室(少于15毫升),传感器是能够处理昂贵或稀有的样品。 MIVI传感器可用于小批量,以及实验室规模的试验。 


MIVI是Exproof在易爆区域使用的ATEX协议和哈氏®浸湿部件腐蚀产品。 即使在最恶劣的环境,MIVI仍然坚固耐用,坚固,可靠的。 

MIVI的结合一系列新的电子设备(粘度和温度处理器9600系列,9610多传感器处理器,和9200变送器),高能力的特点设计,在生产效率方面提供最好的结果 。 

Sofraser是只30年以上的流体专家和共振频率振动式粘度计的发明者 。 在1981年获得专利,它是目前被广泛认为是最可靠的过程仪表。 对我们的产品更多的信息和访问我们的专业知识,请访问我们的网站www.sofraser.com或与我们联系 在instruments@sofraser.com高温,高压,耐腐蚀粘度


High temperature, high pressure, and corrosion resistant viscometers

With new, high-pressure capabilities working up to 500 bar, SOFRASER (France) continues to broaden the application field of its MIVI viscometer, which technology is a rod vibrating at resonance frequency.

Used by many process industries, the MIVI sensor combines technological expertise with elevated performance features. The standard MIVI sensor is regularly used for continuous product measurement from less than 2 mPa.s and up to 1 000 000 mPa.s. in process conditions up to 300°C and 150 bar.

In order to address increasingly drastic requirements in all application fields, Sofraser proposes the high-pressure MIVI sensor that works up to 500 bar. Extremely high pressures represent even more interest to Sofraser, as they are developing a technological feature that will obtain reliable viscosity measurements at pressures up to 1500 bar. Performance such as this is especially useful in drilling applications.

Thanks to its thin vibrating rod immersed in a small-volume measuring chamber (less than 15 ml), the sensor is capable of handling expensive or rare samples. The MIVI sensor can be used for small batches as well as lab-scale experiments.

It is also suitable for process installations and can be mounted either in-line, on-line, or on reactor.

The MIVI is available with Exproof ATEX agreement for use in explosive areas and with Hastelloy® wetted parts for corrosive products. Even in the most severe environments, the MIVI remains rugged, robust, and reliable.

Combined with the new range of electronic devices (9600 series of viscosity and temperature processors, 9610 multi-sensor processor, and 9200 transmitter), the MIVI’s high-capability features are engineered to provide the best results in terms of production efficiency. 

Sofraser is the only 30+ year fluid specialist and is the inventor of the vibrating-type viscometer at resonance frequency. Patented in 1981, it is now widely considered the most reliable in-process instrumentation. For more information on our products and to access our expertise, visit our website www.sofraser.com or contact us at instruments@sofraser.com. High temperature, high pressure, and corrosion resistant viscometers zoom





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